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How long do I have to wait for my order?

Wallpaper 1-2 weeks
Wall tiles 3-4 weeks
Floor tiles residential 3-4 weeks
Floor tiles in stock 1 week
Floor tiles commercial made to order 6 weeks

Because of the custom nature of our products we cannot guarantee delivery dates and we recommend you inspect your delivery before booking in your installation team.
See our terms and conditions.

What if my wall is angled like a loft space or has windows, doors in it?

Loft spaces/under stair walls: measure the lowest wall height and the highest wall height and the width of the wall and we will calculate how much wallpaper you will need to order.

Windows and doors: If you are fitting a wallpaper mural then we will not be able to reduce the area to allow for wastage caused by windows or doors. If you have ordered a repeat wallpaper then we will be able to take these into account and supply wallpaper in rolls to the exact coverage required. Contact us for more information.

Where do you find your images?

We work with renowned photographers and established and up and coming designers. All images are processed for large scale reproduction to ensure your products have a good clarity and colour vibrancy. If you are a photographer, designer or artist and would like to work with Digitile, please email 5-10 thumbnails of your work to info@digitile.co.uk and we will contact you if we think your work fills a gap in our collection.

Can I supply my own image?

Yes. However do bare in mind the image resolution/quality. We generally do not work with images less than 20% of the desired mural size at a resolution of 300dpi because we want you to be impressed with the print quality. If you are unsure we can check your image for you. Images can be sent by email if they are under 20MB to info@digitile.co.uk , otherwise please send on a CD, att: Images, Surface Life Ltd.